Create your own Customized Run Commands

run commands in windows allow you to open the application quickly.

But all your application doesn’t have  run commands.

don’t worry following steps show you to create your own customized run commands

1. right click on desktop -> new-> shortcut

      now you can see a window with browse button.

2. browse for the (Folder of the) application you want to open using run command.

     e.g – you can find internet explorer  in the  “C:\Program Files’.

3. select the execute file of the application you want to open using               run command in its folder.

     e.g- executable file of internet explorer “iexplore”

4. then click  next button.

5. give a name for the shortcut .this name will be used as run                           command for that  application.

     e.g- give name to shortcut of  internet explorer as “EX”

6. click finish.

7. now cut the shortcut and paste it into “C:/Windows”.

8. type the shortcut name in run . your application will be opened .

     e.g  type “EX”  (without quote)

This method can be used for any application………………………i also found this in google search