How to use mobile store in WSO2 APPManager without MDM

WSO2 APP Manager 1.0.0 has  feature to manage the mobiles apps. It supports to manage mobile apps under 3 categories.

  1. android apps
  2. iOS apps
  3. web apps

Steps to create  different mobile apps can be found in doc[1]

Once apps are created life cycle of apps can be managed as mentioned in the doc[2] . Apps which have life cycle status Published will appear in the store of app manager.

When select the “Mobile application” menu in the store, by default it will show all published mobile apps(image 1). if you want to browse only particular category e.g android apps. you can filter it by selecting the category in the drop down menu(image 2).



image 1


image 2


Configure App Manager to Enable mobile app to download directly to the mobile device from the App Manager without MDM

  1. Stop the app manager server if it is running.
  2. Open app-manager.xml which can be found under APPMANAGER_HOME>/repository/conf directory.
  3. Find the element  <Config name=”EnableDirectDownload”> under <MDMConfig> and set its value as true .
    <Config name=”EnableDirectDownload”>true</Config>
  4. Start the app manager server


Now go to the store via mobile device and select the published mobile app,which will take you to the overview section of the mobile app. There you can find “install” button(image 3) ,which will let you to download the mobile app to your mobile device. Once downloaded you can install it in you device.

mobileapp-isntall image 3